Born and raised up in a beautiful country named Bangladesh. Done my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering, and Masters in Information Technology. A Software Engineer by profession, expertise lies mainly in the backend along with cloud native deployment. I’m shifting towards DevOps roles and responsibilities as I would like to be a solutions/cloud architect. I have experience in technologies such as Python, Nodejs, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, CDK, Terraform.

Keen to learn and explore new technologies. I would like to explore more in these areas: CDK, Microservice architecture, Kubernetes, IasC, Cryptography.

Physically an average built with height of approximately 1.81 meters (71 inch). Love sports. Big fan of Cricket. Weather allows to play cricket in Finland only in the summer time though. Same here in the UK as well but usually we get better and longer summer. Also cricket grounds in the UK are much better compered to Finland. Because in Finland it’s most gravel field except the national stadium in Kerava. Usually try to play Badminton (finnish name: sulkapallo) weekly. Support Manchester United as a football club. Occasionally like to play Bowling and billiards as well.