Who am I?

I am Shumon, but people sometimes call me John as well. Studied from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Information Technology (major: Software Systems).

What am I?

Currently learning and developing android applications. I am open and eager to learn any new technology but will keep learning in android mostly. Apart from this I do develop web apps and sites on demand. Done the certification on Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems from University of Maryland, College Park through Coursera last December'14.

Why me?

Well, lets discuss. I hope you will get the answer eventually towards the end. But please
Don't judge too quickly! We don't!

Field of interest?

Android app development, Back-end WebServices, Software design, development, and testing, Cloud Services.

Hi! Welcome and Thank you for popping by! Don't worry you are safe here and I don't keep track of IP addresses!!!

Hope this description gives you an image of what kind of person I am even though it''s really hard to get a perception of a person from description!!

Let me give a brief description of myself. My full name is Abu Fazal Md Shumon. But I have some other nicks and funny names as well. For example I like the actor John Abraham and have "john" in my email address, so people sometimes call me John as well. Apart from that, I am being called "Suriya", "Butol (i.e. bottle)", "Kauwa (i.e. Crow)" among some of my friend circles. In my workplaces I am known as Abu. That's about the name part.

Physically I am an average built with height of approximately 1.81 meters (71 inch). Mix of gray and black hair with little bit of trimmed beard. Friends tell me to color it sometimes but as being a "george clooney" fan i leave it as it is.

I love sports. I am a big fan of Cricket. Play here in Finland only in the summer time. I really wish if weather would allow to play some other times as well. :( I play Badminton (finnish name: sulkapallo) and Football (finnish name: jalkapallo) sometimes in the weekend. I support Manchester United as a football club.

I like to play Bowling and billiards as well. Once upon a time 8-ball pool was an addiction both in real and in computer but now i don''t play that often. Still got some skills left. ;) Want to show yours? give me a shout here

I’m really good at

  • chewing gum! Can chew a gum literally for few hours! may be a whole day!
  • playing cricket!

Random facts about me

  • not really a bookish person! sorry. read online blogs sometimes. that's it. but do listen loads of youtube lectures.
  • favorite TV shows: "Advertise!". LOL. Mostly watch YouTube videos.
  • favorite food: East London's Donar Kebab! I just love it.
  • SYLHET is the best city in the world! Second is London.

Current Status

People''s interests change eventually by the passage of time. So does mine. I am currently learning Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld System. I'll continue learning mobile app development as I desire to grow as a professional in this field. Sometimes I think almost everything in terms of apps!

This page is simply hilarious. Visit sometimes, you'll laugh for sure!