Hi! Welcome and Thank you for popping by!

Hope this description gives you an image of what kind of person I am even though it''s really hard to get a perception of a person from description!!

Let me give a brief description of myself. My full name is Abu Fazal Md Shumon. But I have some other nicks and funny names as well. For example I like the actor John Abraham and have the word "john" in my email address, so people sometimes call me John as well. Apart from that, I am being called "Suriya", "Butol (i.e. bottle)" among some of my friend circles. In my workplaces I am known as Abu. That's about the name part.

Physically I am an average built with height of approximately 1.81 meters (71 inch). Mix of gray and black hair with little bit of trimmed beard. I love sports. I am a big fan of Cricket. We play here in Finland only in the summer time. I really wish to play some other times as well if the weather would have allowed. :( I play Badminton (finnish name: sulkapallo) and Football (finnish name: jalkapallo) sometimes in the weekend. I support Manchester United as a football club.

I like to play Bowling and billiards as well. Once upon a time 8-ball pool was an addiction both in real and in computer but now i don''t play that often. Still got some skills left. ;) Want to show yours? give me a shout here

Strengths/Good at

  • Working hard. I know my limits. Therefore, I work hard to be competitive!
  • Reliability.
  • Chewing gum! I can chew a gum literally for few hours!
  • Playing cricket!

Random facts about me

  • I am not really a bookish person! But I read loads of random online blogs and articles. Sometimes I do listen youtube videos. this guy's videos are really inspirational. Listen sometimes if you have time.
  • Favorite TV shows: "Advertise!"
  • Favorite food: East London's Donar Kebab! I just love it.
  • SYLHET is the best city in the world! Second is London.

Areas I am curious about?

Docker, Web Application, Back-end WebServices, REST APIs, NoSQL Database, Cyber Security (especially IoT).

Why me?

Well, lets discuss. I hope you will get the answer eventually towards the end. But please
Don't judge too quickly! We don't!